GA Members of Congress and Councilmembers Visit Dignity Museum

(Dignity Museum)

From Dignity Museum: Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs, City of South Fulton District 2 partnered with advocacy organization, Love Beyond Walls to host community leaders and city representatives for a private tour and viewing of the Dignity Museum. Elected officials throughout the state of Georgia attended to gain a new perspective in addressing the city’s concerns around homelessness. "Atlanta has a great opportunity to serve as a blueprint on how Metropolitan cities across the country engage and tackle issues around homelessness," says Carmalitha Gumbs. "The Dignity Museum is a true gem and testament to the future this city has to offer and that we’re moving in the right direction." Nestled in the heart of Atlanta’s developing Airport District, the Dignity Museum has sparked fresh conversation around the issues and impact of homelessness. Almost one year after the closure of Atlanta’s most heavily populated shelters downtown, there is still growing concern to meet the needs of a transient and often times forgotten demographic. While not unique to the city of Atlanta, over half of a million Americans across the country experience homelessness on a given night. In Atlanta, women and children account for majority of the 3,300 population living from shelter to shelter.

"The Dignity Museum was created to humanize the forgotten individuals we pass by everyday. It is a platform that gives a voice to those enduring this plight and their collective fight to beat their circumstances," says Terence Lester, founder of Love Beyond Walls. "Homeless people are not problems, they are people experiencing problems. We welcome the open door to partner with like-minded organizations, companies and city officials like Councilwoman Gumbs. Together, we can foster solutions to target the root of the systemic and economic challenges people are facing." The Dignity Museum & Love Beyond Walls founder, Terence Lester was also recently recognized with a Proclamation from the City of College Park and House Resolution presented by Rep. Brenda Lopez-Romero (D-GA, District 99) of the Georgia House of Representatives. The interactive, tech-driven museum creates a unique social learning integration of virtual reality, QR codes and its own app to view the world through the lens of a person experiencing homelessness and brings immersive storytelling to life. Housed inside a transformed shipping container, attendees explore the exhibit in a 3-part journey to confront stereotypes, create empathy in viewing actual stories from real people and inspire action to provoke change in their communities. Currently on location at the Love Beyond Walls headquarters in Atlanta, the museum is available for private events, corporate engagements, school field trips and tours. For more information about Dignity Museum or to schedule a tour, visit and connect on social at @DignityMuseum.

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